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Lorraine Phillips Lorraine Phillips attended Jackson State University, where she received an MBA in business administration and a BS in computer science, graduating both programs with honors and distinction. She later earned an AA in graphic design from Bauder College and was elected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges for outstanding merit and accomplishments.

Lorraine is a creative information technology professional with over fourteen years' experience in designing, developing and publishing print, internet and digital projects. After serving as editorial director of SisterPower Online for nine years, she then launched SisterPower Magazine, and was able to go directly from idea to newsstand after landing three distribution deals on the very first attempt. She then decided to pen the book Publish Your First Magazine as a practical guide for potential publishers that demonstrated her process and provided the details on exactly how she did it.

Performing a highly strategic internet campaign, Publish Your First Magazine became an Amazon Top 100 seller in its category; was rated five out of five (excellent) by Writer's Digest; and was selected as a Highlighted Title by Independent Publisher, where the book was honored and recognized for exhibiting superior levels of creativity and originality as well as high standards of design and production quality. The title is also being used as a teaching aid at a number of universities and colleges throughout the U.S.

Lorraine is currently a freelance web developer and UX designer. As a dynamic speaker, author, freelancer, and coach, it is her mission to help people achieve their personal and professional dreams. As she puts it in her own words, "It's exactly what I was born to do!"